MetaWorld invites you to experience 10,000 square miles, of massively-scaled, open world together. Discover endless activities and adventure, inside a first of its kind, vast-scale, social VR MMO simulation.

A simulated world that continues to exist, even when no one is around. Immerse yourself in a truly persistent, open world, rich with life and constant change.

"Being a simulation that runs regardless of whether people are there makes MetaWorld one of the closest
things we have to a real-life version of the Matrix"


Share a single, vast-scale simulated reality with friends.
Get lost in a living breathing atmospheric world, constantly evolving and
reacting to everything you do.

"MetaWorld expands the horizons of social VR
10,000 square miles, to be exact."


Own the worlds first vast-scale persistent land.

"When you stroll through MetaWorld, a future of simulated living
seems imminently plausible."


Buy or Sell crypto backed land, form a simulated company, start a career and earn real cash.
Become a nomad, survive elements and cognitive wild life, all in a single open world.

"MetaWorld is an Enormous Social VR MMO Sandbox Unlike Anything I've seen Before"


Simulations is MetaWorld continue, even after players have logged out. Birds migrate, Lizards bask in the sun
Tree frogs climb, creatures are thinking and behaving in a natural way, even when, there is no one around.

"MetaWorld is properly persistent. When you throw a rock or drop a stick, it
stays in that exact spot until you or someone else decides to move it"
The idea is that the space has its own ecology and history, changing over time
as people interact with it."


Become an Early Pioneer of MetaWorld and own a piece of a first of its kind, truly persistent simulated reality.
Make an impact on the development, while collaborating with developers, partners and fellow Pioneers.